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Emily Tang

Head of Social Media

A Bit About Me

Hi there! I’m Emily, a freshman at Saint Francis High School in California. I joined ESS in fall of 2021 after meeting Audrey through our orchestra. Something that really stood out to me when I joined was that this club has international members, which is not only hard to navigate but also really unique. I started out writing blogs but transitioned in the spring of 2022 to working on a presentation for my former middle school. Climate change has always existed in my mind, but I never really looked too deep into it until I joined ESS, and it’is helped me better understand the science behind it and how big the issue really is. Since I go to school with Audrey, I’m mainly helping with advertisements and projects within our school and affiliating ESS with them. Some things I enjoy doing in my free time include piano, cello, dance, tennis, and baking.

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