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The Coffee Grounds Project aims to create sustainable communities by repurposing used coffee grounds. Rather than sending them to the landfill, ESS members collect coffee grounds from shops and deliver them to local gardens, schools, and farms. Together, we strive to encourage greener practices everywhere and preserve the beauty of our planet!

Did you know?

Coffee grounds contain vital nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus that aid plant growth!

What We Do

  • Work with schools to organize coffee grounds activities and educate students on sustainability 

  • Deliver collected grounds to agriculturalists as well as local institutions such as schools and gardens

  • Host booths in public festivals to promote our project and recruit interested members

Coffee Grounds Rotary Festival Group Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Our Progress

Roosevelt Coffee Grounds


The most important aspect of the Coffee Grounds Project is working with schools to educate and inspire young students to make a difference. To this point, we have taught and hosted fun activities at Lincoln, Hoover, and Roosevelt elementary schools in Burlingame, California!

Compost Giveaway 1

Local People and Institutions 

By participating in compost giveaways and reaching out to farmers' markets, ESS has delivered coffee grounds to multiple gardeners and agriculturalists across California. ESS has also partnered with Verve Coffee and Starbucks to collect over 1000 pounds of coffee grounds and counting!

Rotary Festival

Public Events 

Through attending public events like the Cupertino Fall Rotary Festival and the yearly Earth and Arbor Festival, ESS aims to spread the word about coffee grounds and encourage everyone to repurpose their morning espresso into healthy, sustainable plant food!

Nausica and friends collecting coffee grounds in France

Coffee Grounds in France

Thanks to our France Ambassador, Everything Starts Small has expanded its Coffee Grounds Project to France! We hope to continue spreading environmental awareness and encouraging collective climate action everywhere through our community initiative. 

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